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Hello!! Welcome to 'the Equaliser' rooms! This is the main lounge and further rooms are available to visit at the bottom of this information, just click on any word and enter!
If you are under 14 then yooOOO dude!...I'm Sooty, one of the bosses of the company who's website you are on, nice to see you pop in but please could you leave this room now because you have to be 14+ and you can have a bite of the hot dog on your way out ok! There are policeman, Judges, Social Workers, villains, volunteers, teachers, drug addicts, sexual abusers, politicians and possibly your parents coming in here this week. The time you have taken to read this is all i needed to be able to tell them we have your computers ip address and they would know you have been reading this so go now ok...take care...bye!x

you have 5 seconds left.......4.......3.....2.......1...

Well that's more of a warning than they get with the Porn sites...
Ok, i'll lay out what these rooms below are about and why! I hope your one of the people that genuinly cares about this City/County....your family...the kids next door...and whats happening around you because that is whom this room is for...people who want to help each other understand more about more and invest in ourselves through such knowledge. If that's you then i say...job done...let's go!!

This facility has been open about 3 months now and has been visited by over 90,000+ people! The most common question i've been asked so far is why call it the 'equaliser'?! Well.....i've read over 70 PMA/Psycho-analysis books...know or have met over 30 psychiatrists...heard over 500 successful people speaking...and have about 50,000 friends who know me and me know them from all walks of life here in the UK and about 20,000 worldwide...and after thinking about it...i liked the flashing green fing and was wondering what to call the room...then i realised the flashing green fing was a graphic equaliser.......! Simply put...we're all equal in here......and we is reading...graphic enuff? Sorry it weren't more deeper or owt!!

Topics covered here are anything and everything. The titles below are just some of the headings people have come forward with who qualify to contribute to that section. Qualifications? Well...for example in the drug room the articles in there are by people who may be taking them or work with them or sells them...that's a qualification! Like in my case i haven't taken alcoholic drugs since 1980 and therefore i'm in a minority and so it's good for everyone else to hear my opinion on that one because they're all hooked on it...young and old...coppers and robbers...should see what it does to 'em all at chuck out time.......horrific. So...there is no prejudice...things are said by people as they see them. We are all different and it's good to read about each negates the need to meet...and many of our lives will never cross it's good innit...and the knowledge base is shared on the whole by the Cambridgeshire community which must pay dividends somewhere! All the subjects are going to feature feelings, questions, ideas, and opinions supported with factual reports on a weekly basis... Loads of stuff here to share already that has been given for the rooms...but feel free to contribute with an article on any subject. This is not a 'counselling' facility or run by professionals but is a knowledge pool with real people pouring their experiences into it for all to share.

All rooms will feature articles for 7 days at least before being archived at the bottom of each room and replaced. Updates to rooms will be notified on the Matso.TV News+ page which is usually updated @ 2pm each Monday and added to daily.

On behalf of many people who felt they didn't have a voice or thought that they weren't cared about...or understood...from all ages and sections of the Community...and different sides of the fences...we thank you for your visit and look forward to your return!x


Age recommendation 14+

All articles in the rooms are for sharing.

Guests can supply articles and pictures for the rooms.

Guests can create the furnishings for the rooms! (jpg/gifs)

Any subject can be added to the Equaliser.

Identities will not be disclosed if requested.

Food & drink may be taken into the rooms as long as you clean up afterwards!

Post all messages in the cat please!

Whilst i may sympathise with some comments in these rooms I do not condone illegal activity...that includes any intentional violence or criminal or innapropriate activity coming from the respected pillars of you a fox hunter...magistrate or are entering a no status zone.

To enter a room just click on a word:



T-0845 6441961 - F-01223